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Meeting and Research Facilities
(Restricted to affiliated Kansas State University units & organizations)

Konza Meeting Hall

The historic barn at KPBS headquarters is a substantial limestone building built in 1910 comprising of two floors, each approximately 4,500 square feet in area.  In 1997, this building underwent a major structural and exterior renovation including replacement and upgrading of major support posts and beams, complete new roof construction (including new wood sheathing, 50-yr shingles, and reconstruction of the historic cupola), and upgrading of electrical service.   This major investment was in preparation for the current renovation (completed in September 2008) to convert this building into the Konza Prairie Biological Station Meeting Hall (KMH).  
The remodeling, including interior design and finishes, was implemented in a way that generates efficient and highly functional space, while at the same time preserved the historic character of this traditional early 20th-century stone building.  The completed facility integrated well, both architecturally and aesthetically, the historic features of the barn and the adjacent limestone ranch house. 

The KMH has:

  1. Cortelyou Lecture Hall (1,750 square feet) with a seating capacity of ~100 persons fully equipped with A/V equipment and wireless internet.
  2. Additional large multi-purpose room (1,850 square feet) designed as flexible space for varied uses including additional meeting space, workshops, scientific posters and other research displays, social gatherings, and education programs for large groups.
  3. Men’s and Women’s restrooms (Handicap accessible).
  4. Small serving kitchen (120 square feet) for meeting breaks, social events, etc.

Rates and use of this facility. For more information, contact Barb Van Slyke

Hulbert Center

The limestone ranch house (Dewey ranch house) underwent major renovation in 1997 as the main station headquarters building and won one national and one local award for historic preservation. This 3-story limestone building houses the station administrative offices, library, reference herbarium and animal collections, and includes lodging space for visiting investigators. A classroom and small conference room can accommodate scientific meetings, workshops, and educational functions for up to 40 participants. Housing facilities are heated and air-conditioned and include single and double rooms, a large bunkroom, bathroom facilities with showers, kitchen, outdoor patio with picnic tables, and desk space with telephone.

Rates and use of this facility. For more information, contact Barb Van Slyke


The Ecology Laboratory building contains three laboratories, computer room, plant processing and root washing facilities, bathroom with shower, and researchers shop. Various ongoing research programs maintain other on-site facilities such as weather stations, stream monitoring stations, atmospheric gas flux instrument towers, grazing enclosures, irrigated prairie plots, and rain-out shelters. The site includes a 992 ha bison enclosure, a bison corral and handling facility and a series of tallgrass prairie restorations on former crop fields. Computing, GIS capabilities and other research laboratories are located nearby at the research facilities on the Kansas State University campus. The station does not maintain field vehicles for visiting researchers, however good gravel roads provide easy access to most areas.


Hulbert Center: Heated and air-conditioned dormitory facility with shared bathroom, kitchen, and telephone; guests are requested to provide their own towels and bedding.

Guest Cottages: 2-bedroom heated and air-conditioned cottage with living room, bath, kitchen, laundry facilities, and telephone; towels and bedding are available with agreement to launder them prior to departure, or guests may bring their own.

Rates and use of these facility. For more information, contact Barb Van Slyke


Fire Station

The Konza Fire Station building houses fire trucks and equipment, maintenance shop, and site manager's office. All station buildings have T-1 line computer connectivity to the K-State campus.



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